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Asahina Mikuru Cosplay

Model change! 変身HENSHIN!!!

This is Kipi a very cute and professional cosplayer featuring Asahina Mikuru, one of the main characters of 涼宮ハルヒの憂鬱 Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu.

For some reasons Haruhi is one of my favourites anime series, we will talk about it a lot in the future ^^

016539643What about Mikuru? She’s a very cute and very 萌え(moe) character, she is a member of SOS団 (sos dan) the school club founded by Haruhi.
Often the great Haruhi teases her (she has a couple of big round things you see :3), to tell the truth she is a time traveller from the future, she works for a secret agency that sends the agents in other epoch for unknown reasons ^^ and no-one knows her secret, at least at the beginning of the season ^^.

It isn’t a case for me to post something about the Haruhi series, right now 28 episodes of this anime are running on some tv channel in Japan, apparently it is a re-run of the first season plus 14 more episodes (did someone say 2nd season? :3)

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[R]elease and [D]eadline

[D] 8/14 Comiket 76
[R] 5/29 At home mate
[R] 7/10 France Shoujo
[R] 7/02 Miku -Project DIVA-


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