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ILLUSION @ふぉーむメイト @Home Mate Countdown Movie

3 days before release! ILLUSION published an official countdown movie!


Visit the official website and select the button play in the middle of the screen!

ILLUSION @ふぉーむメイト @Home Mate Packages

ILLUSION has added packages page to the official site.


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ILLUSION @ふぉーむメイト @Home Mate H-Scenes

ILLUSION published some sample images about ecchi scenes.


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Hatsune Miku Project Diva New Sample Video

SEGA released two new movie sample on
the 初音ミク -Project DIVA- official site.


For the new video click the ムービー button, you can found them at the end of the list.

ILLUSION @ふぉーむメイト At Home Mate Make Mode

ILLUSION released some detailed screen about the make mode メイクモード


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アマガミ Amagami TECH-GIAN Fan Pages

テックジャイアン TECH-GIAN published an article about アマガミ (amagami) fan pages.
アマガミ is the recently released eroge dating-sim by Enterbrain for PS2.

AmagamiThe game cover

Here are the scans (number 2009年 5月 May 2009)…

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[R]elease and [D]eadline

[D] 8/14 Comiket 76
[R] 5/29 At home mate
[R] 7/10 France Shoujo
[R] 7/02 Miku -Project DIVA-


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