Weekly Doujin Rankings and Preview – 5/30

同人誌 Doujinshi rankings: May 30.

e1ヤミアソビ Yami Asobi

  1. わがままペットライフ! Wagamama Pet Life!
  2. おかっぱロングのいる風景 Okappa Long no Iru Fuukei
  4. ヤミヤミのナヤミ YamiYami no Nayami
  5. ヤミアソビ Yami Asobi
  6. 文々ラプソディ Bunbun Rhapsody
  7. お姉様っ!お姉様っ!お姉様ぁああぁ!!! Ojou-sama! Ojou-sama! Ojou-samaAAa!!!
  8. 澪ちゃんと一緒! Mio-chan to Isshou!
  9. 裏魔法学園 UraMahou Gakuen
  10. 秘密ですよ Himitsu desu yo

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WARNING: explicit content ahead

Ok, let’s explain, one row = one doujinshi, it’s pretty simple ;)
Images are sorted following the above rankings, so 1st line is the 1st doujinshi.

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1 Response to “Weekly Doujin Rankings and Preview – 5/30”

  1. 1 anime cosplay September 5, 2012 at 7:13 am

    this is taking over mainstream, i remember a bunch of years ago you wouldnt hear about cosplaying in america

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