Aisaka Taiga Cosplay

Today we have a beautiful Aisaka Taiga from Tora-Dora… nicely cosplayed by Kanda Midori


The original is a bit annoying, but she seems just fine, isn’t she?! :3

Taiga 1

Don’t stare at me like that! bakainu!

Taiga 2

She also has a good 絶対領域 (zettai ryouiki), with boken too!

Taiga 3

The palmtop tigher in all her might

Taiga 4

I’ll just kill you! bakainu!

Taiga 5

What are you doing? Just hurry up and do what I say!

Taiga 6

She’s kinda cute like that, isn’t she? :3

Taiga 7

One more ecchi stare and I’ll kill you! Eroinu!

Taiga 8

The obento wasn’t too bad, after all, you bakainu

2 Responses to “Aisaka Taiga Cosplay”

  1. 1 Aj December 14, 2011 at 3:59 am

    Cute. :) Even the lunchbox is cosplayed. :D

  2. 2 Mitsuka February 25, 2012 at 6:31 am

    Can i ask where the obento cosplay prop is sold? Or was it handmade? :)

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