Zettai Ryouiki

Let’s talk about 絶対領域 (zettai ryouiki)

Beautiful girl + short skirt + knee sock = 絶対領域 (zettai ryouiki) = 萌え (moe) explosion + extra cuteness = destruction of the entire universe!


Who doesn’t know what 絶対領域 is?

You problably doesn’t know anything about it if:

  1. You can’t use internet and don’t know google
  2. You came here after clicking the wrong link
  3. Ain’t that the university site, i have to do my homeworks!

15_zettai011The classical anime 女子学生(joshigakusei)
shown a perfect
絶対量気 + パンツ(pantsu) combination :3

I am not the first nor the last (but I’ll be the best XD) who describes this strange phenomenon that can own every human male.

In other words (for the annoying info scroll down till annoying info ^^):
絶対領域(zettai ryouiki) is a kind of dressing style ONLY for beautiful girls (:3) that can take control over any (normal) man in the world.

As I said before: beautiful girl + short skirt + knee sock = 絶対領域 (zettai ryouiki) = 萌え (moe) explosion + extra cuteness = destruction of the entire universe!

c3ee22d72f5a653ca33df08dfe2fd0a6これが私の御主人様 (kore ga watashi no gushujin-sama) main characters

The annoying (but intresting) information:
If you didn’t read the DarkMirage or AnimeDesho posts yet:

絶対領域 literraly means “Absolute Territory”, derived from the AT-Field of Evangelion (gtfo if you don’t know evangelion), but in this case it doesn’t matter anything ^^
絶対領域 simply refers to the area of uncovered thigh between the skirt and the knee sock. that’s all :3

But why? Because one day the creator of a desktop mascot application used the terms in a blog  to refers to a cute character named まゆら(mayura).

Lately the same word was used in many 同人誌(doujinshi) until it became a regular slang word.

mayurajpblog-thumbまゆら(mayura) thanks to her now we have the 絶対領域

sample-65ff6694b835166b88878b75f3f22432Even Louise (Zero no Tsukaima series) uses 絶対領域 to own the poor Saito-kun ^^

Technical information:

Someone have suggested that the 絶対領域 ideal ratio is 2:1:2.5 (length of skirt : zettai ryouiki : length of sock over the knee).
Relax yourselves, no-one have never understood this ratio :3

In other words, according to AnimeDesho, there are 5 grades of 絶対領域, however only the grade A and B are a good 絶対領域:
(these images are from the AnimeDesho site)


That’s all

Let’s enjoy the 絶対領域 :3


2 Responses to “Zettai Ryouiki”

  1. 1 Tatsu May 5, 2009 at 9:30 pm

    Moe overflow detected!!!! XD

  2. 2 william wizer January 7, 2010 at 11:04 am

    only one minor but important detail.
    the perfect ratio is 4:1:2.5 not 2:1:2.5

    and it’s truly easy to understand said ratio.

    first of.. the ratio refers to a grade A zettai ryouiki. if you look at AnimeDesho you will find that only Grade A is a real zettai ryouiki. grade B won’t ever be as good as Grade A and we are looking for perfection.

    second. even if the ratio is said to be 4:1:2.5 I personaly find it more easy to use 16:4:10 (for those without math knowledge both ratio mean the same since they keep the same proportion) because this ratio has no decimal point.

    now. divide the lenght between the waist and the knee by 30 (16+4+10)

    the first 16 parts are for the skirt. the last 10 parts are for the socks and those tinny 4 parts that are left between them are the wonder we all men want to see in a cute girl (aka: the perfect zettai ryouiki)

    but why in the hell has to be that exact proportion?

    – …if we shorten even more the skirt the poor girl will be showing her panties and that ruins the look. we want something cute not slutty.
    – … if we make the skirt longer we will hidden the best part of the leg and there’s no need to do that.
    – … if we let the socks go up the zettai ryouiki area will be too small to be seen.
    – … if we end the socks lower there will be too much skin exposed and it will be too low.

    I know it’s difficult to understand explained with words so if I make no sense it’s my fault (I’m not that good with English)
    the only way you will ever fully understand is to see a live zettai ryouiki and be able to compare with the same girl wearing other skirt,exposed flesh, socks proportion.

    believe me. no other ratio can be better.

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