Kyou Fujibayashi Zettai Ryouiki Cosplay

Saya (a pro cosplayer) made this  Kyou Fujibayashi (CLANNAD) cosplay to show us all how a zettai ryouiki must be :3


Here is the gallery

39403__468x_saya_fujibayashi_kyou_71Ok nice start :3

saya_fujibayashi_kyou_101Do you have a cigarette, please?

saya_fujibayashi_kyou_9Please don’t stare at me like that @_@

saya_fujibayashi_kyou_6OMG where am I?

saya_fujibayashi_kyou_8Interesting wall

saya_fujibayashi_kyou_11I totally love this one :3

saya_fujibayashi_kyou_12And this one too :Q

saya_fujibayashi_kyou_13This is four you see?

saya_fujibayashi_kyou_14Now I show you my real identity >:)

saya_fujibayashi_kyou_15Nice shot :3

saya_fujibayashi_kyou_16Nice shot again! :3

saya_fujibayashi_kyou_5Rear zettai ryouiki yay!

saya_fujibayashi_kyou_3Nice view :3

saya_fujibayashi_kyou_1Wasn’t the skirt longer?

saya_fujibayashi_kyou_2Hi mom do you see me?

saya_fujibayashi_kyou_4I don’t like my hair anymore

saya_fujibayashi_kyou_17Rear part 2

credits goes to Sankaku Complex

2 Responses to “Kyou Fujibayashi Zettai Ryouiki Cosplay”

  1. 1 Will July 6, 2009 at 2:35 pm

    what is saya full name? i’ve been looking for her, thx.

  2. 2 Ikki Nak Nakal January 15, 2012 at 5:13 pm

    subhanallah……..!!! >_<
    maha suci allah yang telah menciptakan makhluk2-nya dalam berbagai rupaa…`~

    bener2 mengerikannn….!!! ^_^ hihihihhii

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